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The Top New Construction Home Trends of 2021

2020 has been…quite a year. That might be an understatement, but nothing about the past year has been expected or status quo. This unprecedented time has exposed many cracks in our systems, but it has also helped many people realize what’s truly important in life. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our daily lives. It’s changed the way we work, shop, and socialize. The other major change? This year has demonstrated just how special our homes are. 

In the course of a few months our houses have gone from a place we reside to offices, schools, playrooms, wedding venues, and everything in between. We’ve seen housing prices increase and google searches for home decor skyrocket. It seems everyone has recognized that our houses are more than places to live or invest in, they are our sanctuaries and should be as comfortable and convenient as possible. 

As we begin to look towards 2021, almost everything is still up in the air. We can’t tell you what this year will bring but we trust that we will all find ways to get through it together. Home trends may seem unimportant compared to such serious issues, but they’re increasingly impactful as we’re now spending more time at home than ever before.

Whether it’s architectural, decor, or construction-related, let’s look at the top home building trends for 2021.

Types of Home Trends

There are several different categories when it comes to home trends. There’s the decor element, which includes easy additions like furniture, pillows, or paint color, there are architectural trends which include more permanent changes like design layout and technological features, and lastly, construction trends which encompass floor plan trends, building types, and materials, and any aspects of new build structures.

Top 2021 New Home Trends

From dedicated office spaces to zen-inspired design elements, we can’t wait for all the beautiful home trends 2021 will bring. While these trends might differ slightly, the one constant is that our homes are now our retreats from the world around us. For our peace and sanity, our homes need to be comforting, cozy, and mindful. Whether you’re looking to customize a new-build home or update your existing one, here are some of our favorite decor, architectural, and construction trends for the year ahead.

Smart Homes

No longer the science fiction homes of the future, the smart home is here to stay. Even in just a few years, the idea of a tech-controlled house went from a fantastic idea for the uber-wealthy to an accessible option for most homeowners. While this might have started out as a novelty, smart homes offer several benefits for homeowners. Automated systems can control the temperature, electricity, security, and so much more. Not only does this provide great convenience, but it can help drastically reduce consumption bills and ensure your home is energy efficient. Plus, with the increase in home delivery services, security elements like virtual doorbells are even more important. Initially, this might seem an added expense, but the savings of utility bills, maintenance costs, general peace of mind will make it all worth it in the long run.

Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

For far too long the average bathroom was a simple space in our homes, designed and decorated purely for function. Frankly, we often put more effort into making our guest bathrooms look and feel better than our own. With the rise of self-care and the need to take some much-needed “me” time this year, 2021 will almost undoubtedly be the year of the home spa. The bathroom is no longer just a place to shower or do your business, it’s a retreat from the stresses of everyday life. As such, it should be designed and decorated as a shrine to self-care. This is a place to disconnect, relax, and unwind. 

Transforming your bathroom into a serene escape can be done with temporary decor updates like lighter paint colors, streamlined tiles, zen elements like plants or wicker furniture, lots of storage space, and candles. For a more permanent solution make sure your primary bathroom has lots of natural light, a large walk-in shower and soaker tub, and luxe add-ons like heated floors or heated towel racks. 

Embrace the Outdoors

Having a well-landscaped new construction home has always been a plus for increasing your home value and your overall living experience. The pandemic, however, has showcased just how vital a well-appointed outdoor space is. While national parks have seen a surge in visitors, sometimes you want to just enjoy your own backyard. These spaces have become incredibly versatile spots for things like micro-wedding venues, playgrounds, cookouts, and movie theaters. It’s easier to see friends and family while outside and distanced, plus it gives you a break from being inside your home every day.

Over the next year, we’re going to see a major uptick in backyard decor and design. Whether you have a deck, terrace, or full yard it’s time to take advantage of this often unused or neglected space. Take up gardening to make the space lush and lively. Add updates like a new grill or pizza oven to extend your cooking options. Don’t have the money or time to upkeep a pool? Opt for a large metal above-ground tub or sprinklers for kids. 

Once the cold weather comes, make a few changes to extend the outdoor season. Invest in a fire pit or heat lamps and cover your deck in twinkle lights. Suddenly you have an inviting, cozy option for dining al fresco. 

Exterior Contrasts

Sometimes the biggest trends are the most unexpected. Over the past few years, home design has shifted from traditional finishes and matchy-matchy decor to high contrast, unexpected pairings. This has become especially trendy on new construction home exteriors. For instance, a bold colorful door against neutral brick or stark black and white elements. This contrast also extends to the actual construction materials used in a new-build home. No longer does a house need to be all brick or all stone and fit neatly into a specific architectural category. Instead, we’re seeing the mixing of natural stone, brick, glass, and light wood. While these home styles tend to fit more into contemporary structures, the modern design approach allows you to create a custom look with no rules or boundaries to abide by. While this trend is particularly taking off on home exteriors, it’s gradually finding its way inside as well, think pristine white countertops contrasted with dark navy cabinets.

Multifunctional Spaces

This year has made us all rethink the way we use our rooms. No doubt your kitchen has become a temporary workspace and your living room a virtual learning space. With multiple needs for various family members, it makes less sense to have one room dedicated to one specific purpose. A guest room is no longer just for guests, it can double as a gym. A living room might now need to function as a shared office space. The trick is to utilize design solutions for creative storage and furniture that make spaces uniquely able to function in different ways. Whether this means a desk that doubles as a coffee table or finding creative ways to divide rooms through a large bookshelf or bohemian-inspired panel. It’s all about assessing your family’s needs and finding interesting ways to blend function with style. 

Earth Tones & Natural Elements

The modern rustic trend is nothing new, yet we see a significant shift towards incorporating natural elements and warm tones into our homes. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the rise of houseplants as a means of strengthening the human-nature connection. With so many of us stuck at home (many in smaller units without outdoor space), there’s been a desire to bring the outside world in, a comforting means of finding peace in our private homes. 

New construction utilizes this trend by incorporating the use of natural building materials, think stone, wood, and glass. Exposed beams, farmhouse elements, and lots of natural light are just some of the other ways new-build homes are returning to nature. Inside, there is a definite Scandinavian inspiration like light wood furniture, light wood flooring, and even using this airy material for wall coverings and ceilings. 

When it comes to interior design we’re seeing an increase in earth tones and comforting color palettes. Need proof? Sherwin-Williams recently revealed its 2021 Color of the Year as Urbane Bronze, a rich and bold neutral. Rust-Oleum named theirs Satin Paprika, a warm, spicy hue, and Benjamin Moore named Aegean Teal their color of the year, a grounded blue-green midtone. 

2021 Interior Design Inspiration

Looking for even more interior design and decor inspiration for the year ahead? With the rise of maximalism, indoor plants, mixing of textures, moody tones, and natural elements, there is no shortage of ways to highlight your personal style through your home. From statement lighting and high-end finishes to the incorporation of feeling and engagement of senses, discover our 10 Decorating Tips from Our Apple Hollow Model Homes.

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