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Eagle Mountain Documents

Spring Run Documents

New Construction Eagle Mountain: discover Spring Run Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions. These legally binding community bylaws, rules, and guidelines ensure the integrity of our neighborhood and that they’re kept peaceful, clean, and safe for all.

Learn more about the standards which Revere Homes works with in relation to matters of building materials, city permits, and other matters of daily life, learn more by reading through the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions for Revere Homes in the Spring Run neighborhood. There are many aspects that you may want to understand about what agreements are made to ensure all owners of homes in a neighborhood will uphold standards for the benefit of all.


Come into the experience of home ownership knowing the steps learned by Revere Homes to maintain a home that is safe and efficient. You can also learn more about how to manage your insurance and your commitments in regards to maintaining your unit and home systems.

Original Community Declaration - 1/8/2016

Amendment #1 and Supplement #1 to Declaration - 6/13/2016

Supplement #3 to Declaration - 10/19/2017

Supplement #2 to Declaration - 12/6/2017

Amendment #2 to Declaration - 12/11/2017

Supplement #3 to Declaration - 3/7/2018

Notice & Information for CC&Rs - 11/7/2018

Supplement #4 to Declaration - 2/15/2019

Notice & Information for CC&Rs - 2/15/2019

Amendment #3 to Declaration - 3/6/2019

Amendment #4 to Declaration - 7/8/2019

Amendement #5 to Declaration - 4/26/2023