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modern interior design wall

Interior of an apartment with plants and ceramic deer heads on the wall

Home Decor Trends For 2022

2022 is fast approaching, and if you haven’t heard, you best prepare yourselves for the rise of the houseplants. That’s right; if you thought the pandemic was disruptive, then the coming year is going to be terrifying. We are being told that mutant house plants will become carnivorous, and their desire for flesh will be unbridled. Your seemingly innocent geraniums, coleus, Boston ferns, and ficus trees, filled with biblical blood lust, will rise as one and …

Hold on, sorry, we made a mistake here. Plants will not be killing anyone in the coming year, but house plants will be a significant factor in home decor and interior design trends for 2022.

2022 will prove to be an exciting time in home decor, interior design, and living room accouterment. With that said, let’s take a look at what to take a look at in the coming year to keep your home beautiful, comfortable, and trendy.


Younger people are buying houses, and in the coming year, they will flex some influence on interior design. The first thing they are looking for is sustainability. Why build more furniture and cut down more trees when you can shop vintage and antique? Good question and the good answer is shop vintage.

Recycling, upcycling, and repurposing classic pieces and exciting finds at vintage shops will give your house a real personal touch. In 2022, everything old is new again.

There is a sweet, comforting sentimentality to this coming trend. The pandemic has pushed us indoors, and there is uncertainty in the world. But, granda’s old corner hutch or her bone china on the table gives a nostalgic feeling that is comforting and classy.

So, hit the attic, the second-hand shops, the vintage, and antique stores and fill your home with personal touches from your past.

A room in a cozy apartment with many hanging and shelved house plants

Nurture Some Nature

They look lovely, they fulfill your caretaker needs, and they keep the air clean and fresh. Plants, we love them, and you will too in 2022.

They give a nice splash of color to a room, and they are a lovely contrast to harder, artificial elements. As your plants grow, their silhouette changes giving you a new view almost every day.

A bit of caution here, do some research; not all plants thrive in all situations. Look to find which plants are easiest to care for if you’re worried about pits full of dead and stringy corpses around the house. Some love light, soem shun it, and some frankly, just don’t look good or match your design. Here are a few plants that top designers go to for gree interiors;

  • Sweetheart Plant: A versatile climber that is happy in semi to full-shaded rooms.
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree: Hardy and beautiful bushy trees that need sunny rooms and weekly watering.
  • Monstera: A large family of plants with unique cut-out-shaped leaves that thrive in low-light interiors.
  • Palm: Another family with a wide variety of big and small plants that flourish in partial sun.
  • Snake Plant: Rumored to absorb negativity, this plant prospers in indirect sunlight and with infrequent watering.

So prepare to green up the space in the coming year.

Let There Be Light

We are becoming indoor dwellers, but in 2022 we will be saved from becoming complete troglodytes.

Multifunctional spaces with high ceilings and big, beautiful windows will flood your space switch natural light. Nothing warms, shines, opens, and relaxes light pure natural light. It is soft and clear, warm and clean. It gives every room a positive feeling.

Big windows, open spaces, and light, light, light to keep our vitamin D up and to make inside not feel like a prison sentence. Let there be light, and there will be happiness and comfort.

All The Feels

Usually, that term refers to an emotional response, and you may get one from this, but we’re talking about the feelings of textured fabrics.

We’ve been a year and a half in our homes, and with all that time, we’re paying more attention to details. We are seeing details call for more rich, thick, and chic textures. So, your new home floorplan will include the “IT” fabrics of 2022, which are Velvet, sherpa, and boucles, oh my.

But the textures don’t stop there. Furniture will feature lots and lots of fringe in the coming year. It’s all retro, cozy and stylish. Get your fringe on and cover the walls with velvet.

A Delightful Mix

2002 will see some exciting, deep, and rich tone-on-tone action. This means a lot of brown, copper, earth tones matched with black and gray.

Burlwood, a favorite from many years back, is coming back strong. We’ll also witness curved and supple furniture with soft lines and graceful curves. Juxtapose those with hammered metals, and you’ve got a combination that will look chic, feel comfortable and be the envy of every eye.

a well stocked bar

The Bar is Set

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we all need a drink. And, since we cannot fill the bars as easily as we used to, let’s keep the bar right at home.

Living room bars and drink trolleys are back in style, which will allow you the freedom to experiment and create bespoke cocktails, theme nights and create a bar unique to your rooms, your style, and your taste.

Maybe, instead of relegating the bar to a corner of the living room, you can set up a friendly salon in your home. With all those sweet contrasting tones, rich fabrics, and natural light, you could single-handedly ring in the return of the intellectual bar at home.

All the Marble

2022 will be a year that Michelangelo would just love. We’ll see the rise of big, heavy slabs of marble. It’s bold and compelling. A fresh slab (we love that word, just feels good to say it, slab) of white marble will pull a room together, feel classic, give the perfect accent against the tone on tone, and be enhanced by the natural light. See, it’s all coming together.

Let’s Take This Outside

Social distancing may have wreaked havoc on the Kinsey scale, but it has opened us up to a world of outdoor cooking and entertaining. There will be continued demand for outdoor cooking and entertaining spaces in 2022.

From patios to high-end outdoor grilling/cooking spaces, 2022 will keep feeding the migration to the outdoors going—more styles, options, and chances to express your personality with outdoor recreational spaces. And talk about your natural light!

Fully Embracing Work From Home

The idea that this whole pandemic thing will pass in a few weeks is long gone. People will stop using makeshift workspaces in the new year and purposely design and decorate the home workspace.

The kitchen table will no longer be the substitute for the office. The permanency of the work-from-home culture is driving us to have unique and separate spaces in our homes to have a better work-life balance.

a room in a house in shades of blue with a sweet dog laying on a blue couch

We’ll All Get the Blues

Bothe Pantone and Dulux have named their color of the year, and they both have gone with shades of blue. Dulux offers “Bright Skies,” and Pantone gives us “Very Peri.” Both blues are designed to add comfort and peace to your home, and they express the transformative times we will be entering in the year 2022.

Last year’s muted yellow and slate grey forecasted the sun trying to return, trying to fight out of the gloom; well, the blues of 2022 celebrate the success of the breakthrough. Bedrooms, base walls in the kitchen, living rooms will all benefit from a pulse of blue.

These are undoubtedly peaceful, happy, hopeful colors, and they will pair well with the earth tones, the plants, the textures, and the need we all have for better thoughts, easier minds, and brighter skies.

The Possible

It’s essential to remember that these design trends are suggestions and not rules. They are here to inspire you and fill your home and dreams with what is possible. We have lived for a year and a half with what is doable and permitted, and now, in 2022, we can celebrate what is possible with design and color, texture, and curve. With these design ideas, you can spring forward and discover what is possible in your life.

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